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New England and Rhode Island in particular has a rich history when it comes to Freemasonry.  Part of that is reflected in our preparation for lodge meetings.  A unique feature of American Masonry, is that there is no “Country” Grand Lodge, like the United Grand Lodge of England, The Grand Lodge of France, etc.  Each state has its own Grand Lodge or Grand Jurisdiction, and each one has its own set of regulations for how brothers and applicants, candidates, etc. should be dressed.  In Rhode Island, we are fairly formal in our appearance and this guide is to help you navigate those particulars.

Applicants, Candidates, Brothers:

It is expected that all brothers dress in a suit, preferably a dark business suit.  Upon entering the lodge, you should have your apron on, appropriate to the degree which you have attained.

Lodge Officers:

Lodge Officers should be dressed in a tuxedo with black tie, apron of their office and jewel.  Only the Master is authorized to wear a hat appropriate to his office.  The only time an officer is not required to wear a tuxedo is when they are attending a Communication of the Grand Lodge, or visiting another lodge without the Master.  If the Master is in attendance, you should wear your tuxedo and apron/jewel of office, as he will be as well.

Grand Lodge Officers:

For this section, we refer you to the Grand Master’s Protocol which outlines the specifics of Grand Lodge Officers.  Also, the Constitution and General Regulations of the Grand Lodge of R.I.

There are exceptions from time to time to the above, and if one exists, you will be notified in advance.  If at any time you are unsure of what to wear, just ask!

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