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St. Paul’s Family and Brotherhood Outing 6/30/18

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June 30, 2018

12 – 4 PM

Family Fun

Games & Activities

This is a low cost, family friendly event being hosted by the brethren of St. Paul’s Lodge. Please RSVP through the Facebook event page or by email at: so we can have an accurate count.

Where: Carr Point, Burma Rd., Portsmouth, RI

When: June 30, 2018, 12 PM – 4 PM


A Fraternal Welcome to our newest Entered Apprentices

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St. Paul’s #14 is pleased to welcome 3 new brothers into our gentle craft.  The officers of the lodge performed the degree admirably and hopefully will leave a lasting impression on our brethren.  In addition to the degree the lodge was able to welcome our newest Master Mason as he signed the by-laws of the lodge and became an official member.  Following a standing ovation Bro. Bernier was given a pin and trowel and was reminded to continue to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection and was thanked for his work on the new website and for his assistance with the EA degree.

It was an enjoyable night and we hope to see you soon!

DDGM Visitation to St. Andrew’s Lodge #39

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Take notice, the District Deputy will be making his official visitation to St. Andrew’s Lodge #39.  While officers of the lodge are required to attend, the Master would like to welcome all brothers of the lodge to accompany him.  St. Andrew’s Lodge is located in Riverside, RI.  The address can be found on the calendar link.

Newly Elected Master & Officers

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On January 25, 2018 St. Paul’s Lodge #14 held its annual election of officers.  The installation of those officers took place with brothers both within and without the district and friends and family in attendance.  RW Robert Palazzo, District Deputy Grand Master of the East Bay and his Grand Master of Ceremonies, W Brad Ripley installed all officers with W Andrew Giovannini, Assistant Grand Lecturer providing an excellent prologue.

After the installation, Worshipful Master Joshua P. Manfredo gave an opening address and stressed the importance of remembering that the night was for the lodge and expressed optimism and hope for the ensuing year.

The lodge looks forward to what is in store and we hope as many brethren as possible can make it out and join us as we embark upon an exciting year.

St. Paul’s Annual & Installation

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That time of year has come again, on the Feast of St. Paul’s, the Lodge will be hosting its Annual Communication and a Semi Public Installation of Officers following dinner.

Currently, the schedule has the lodge opening at 5:30 PM for the business of the Annual.  For the Semi Public portion and for dinner, Masons are welcome to invite a guest or two.  The prospective officers are excited for the year to come and we hope you can make the time to join us.

First Annual Moonbird Studios Food Drive

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-For Immediate Release-

Moonbird Studios ( is holding our first annual food drive this year to benefit two local charities: The MLK Community Center located in Newport, RI and the East Bay Food Pantry and Thrift Shop located in Bristol, RI. Collection of non-perishable food items are being accepted as well as monetary donations up until Friday, November 17th in order to make Thanksgiving. The drive will continue until December 3rd and anything received after November 17th will be donated for Christmas.

How the donations will be used:

The money received will be used to purchase non-perishable food items and split evenly between both charities. 100% of all donations will be split equally among the two charities listed herein.

Between now and Friday, November 17th – Half of all donations will be used for Thanksgiving and go to the East Bay Food Pantry, the remainder will be held for the MLK Community Center for Christmas.
Between Saturday, November 18th and Sunday December 3rd – all donations will be used for Christmas and split evenly between both charities.
* Do not feel the need to donate during both timetables. We are continuing the drive to be sure everyone on social media and that we meet personally can still contribute beyond Thanksgiving.

How to Donate:
Bring non-perishable items or a monetary donation (cash, check, credit) to the Lodge on our before our stated meeting on Tuesday, November 14th.
Donate online at:
for additional contact information

Do you need a receipt?

Receipts will be sent out individually from each charity once the donations are made. If you would like a receipt please let us know your contact information (name, phone, and address).

What are some good ideas for non-perishable items?

Canned or packaged Turkey or Chicken Gravy
Canned Yams or Sweet Potatoes
Bagged or Boxed Stuffing
Canned green beans
Cranberry Sauce

CANNED PROTEIN: SPAM (low salt is best), stew, chili, Vienna Sausages, Deviled Ham, chicken, salmon, sardines, crab, tuna
CANNED/DRIED FRUIT: All different kinds please. Low sugar, unsweetened, sugar free are best. Items such as fruit cocktail, pineapple, pears, peaches, apricots, applesauce, grapefruit, Mandarin oranges, raisins, dates, etc.
CANNED VEGGIES: Corn, beets, yams, asparagus, mushrooms
CANNED TOMATO PRODUCTS: Stewed, whole, diced, crushed, pureed; paste, sauce
JELLY/JAM: Strawberry and grape are the standards but we will take anything
SOUP: All kinds, brands and sizes
PASTA: all shapes and sizes
HOUSEHOLD: Paper towels, dish/laundry detergent, cleaners, etc.
PERSONAL HYGIENE: Shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash, deodorant (male & female), tampons, sanitary napkins, lotions, etc.


In closing we’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration and donation to this effort. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will touch many lives this holiday season.

November Meeting & Notes

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As has been posted to the brethren, our regular communication for November will be held on the 14th. This will surely be a meeting to attend. Our officers have been hard at work perfecting the Fellow Craft Degree and will enjoy your support. More importantly, however, is to support your newest brothers as they move through their degrees.

This month is a busy month. On the 7th and 8th, there are back to back District Deputy Visitations to Adelphoi and St. Albans, respectively. Per protocol, the suite will be received at 7:15 PM. In addition there is also the Grand Lodge Semi-Annual and Fall Festival. Visit the Grand Lodge website for more information.

Being so close to Naval Station Newport, we want to express our thanks to all of our veterans this month especially our brethren who have served, as Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th. On this date, a wreath laying ceremony will be held at the RI Veteran’s Cemetery at 10:00 AM with a breakfast at 8:30 AM at Mt. Vernon’s Lodge.

The year is coming to an end fast, as a reminder, St. Paul’s Annual Communication will be held on January 25th so please mark your calendars. Our December meeting is starting to take shape as the Master prepares an enjoyable program and our January Stated is also taking shape as well.

See you at the lodge!