M.W. George F. Ward

M.W. George F. Ward

George F. Ward was a well known Mason in Newport and the State of Rhode Island, and was even elected to serve as Most Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island.

He joined St. Pauls Lodge #14 in 1912 and eventually became Master of the lodge in 1925. In addition to his role at St. Pauls and Grand Lodge, he was also Past Commander of Washington Commandery, Knights Templar, Past High Priest of the Newport Royal Arch Chapter and member of Channing Memorial Church.

In 1925, Bro. Ward was installed as Master of St. Paul's Lodge #14- which at that time listed approximately 800 members on its roll- by District Deputy Grand Master Sylvester M. Budlong with the assistance of Grand Master of Ceremonies John Jackson.

The officers for that year included:

  • Senior Warden: William A. Peckham
  • Junior Warden: Alister I. MacIver
  • Treasurer: George B. Austin
  • Secretary: Thatcher T. Bowler
  • Chaplain: Rev. Stanley C. Hughes
  • Senior Deacon: W. Ladd Moody
  • Junior Deacon: Augustin C. Titus
  • Senior Steward: Fred P. Webber
  • Junior Steward: John Thomspon
  • Musical Director: T. Fred Harry
  • Marshal: Robert C. Ebba
  • Sentinel: Walter Curry
  • Tyler: James G. Swinburne

Bro. Ward continued work at Naval Torpedo Station in Newport, where he was employed for over 35 years, until his death at the age of 59.

  • 1925-01-31 George F Ward St. Pauls Lodge NMP1
  • 1940-05-24 Elect George F Ward NMP5
  • 1944-01-21 George F Ward Passes NMP2