Joshua P. Manfredo

Joshua P. Manfredo

Brother Joshua Manfredo was elected Worshipful Master in 2018, at that time, becoming the youngest Master of the lodge in it's 201 year history.  His year was marked with a dedication to unity and brotherhood.  With that simple goal in mind, Brother Manfredo hosted many presentations and events that tied in those values.  By the end of his term, he transformed meetings to be both efficient and of great value to the brethren assembled.  His favorite events included a successful summer BBQ, visitations to lodges, and participating in the several events of other lodges.  In addition to his membership to his blue lodge, Brother Manfredo is also a member of the Valley of Providence, Scottish Rite (Northern Masonic Jurisdiction) and the Sword of Bunker Hill, Gaspee Chapter #99.

Outside of the lodge Worshipful Brother Manfredo is an Emergency Manager, specializing in disaster preparedness, incident response

and training.  He enjoys camping, racing and cooking.  The latter of which finds him from time to time in the kitchen of the lodge preparing meals for the brothers.

Officers, elected and appointed for 2018

  • Senior Warden - David Lavery
  • Junior Warden - Job Palaya, Past Master
  • Secretary - Michael Northup
  • Treasurer - Steve Jennings
  • Chaplain - Alfred Cameron, Past Master
  • Senior Deacon - JC Redfearn, Past Master
  • Junior Deacon - Anthony Paolino
  • Senior Steward - David Brown
  • Junior Steward - Patrick McAuliffe
  • Sentinel - Robert Jerdan
  • Tyler - George Barcus
  • Music Director - Henry Blake, Past Master

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[caption id="attachment_2643" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 2018 Officers[/caption]

Brother Manfredo was re-elected Master of St. Paul's Lodge on January 25, 2020.  He would soon find himself leading the lodge through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Faced with the challenges brought on by this virus, Bro. Manfredo quickly transitioned to using newer technologies to host social events and meetings.  When conditions allowed for in person meetings to resume, he used his professional experience to formulate plans and procedures in order to ensure the safety of the brothers while meeting.

Even with reduced attendance, and limited opportunities to engage the brothers in person, Bro. Manfredo worked to continue the traditions from his first year and bring masonic light to the brothers.  He reintroduced the lodge to a mentor program with the assistance of his Secretary, and worked to bring about changes to the functions of the lodge in terms of finances, education, and administrative work.

Officers, elected and appointed for 2018

  • Senior Warden - Charles O'Hara IV, Past Master
  • Junior Warden - Daniel Titus, Past Master
  • Secretary - David C. Lavery, Past Master
  • Treasurer - JC Redfearn, Past Master
  • Chaplain - Alfred Cameron, Past Master (Andre Gregoir, Pro Tempore)
  • Senior Deacon - John G. Shaw, II
  • Senior Steward - David Sturgeon
  • Tyler - George Barcus
  • Marshal - Job Palaya, Past Master